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Airlie Beach

Three days to explore the area after the sail trip.

semi-overcast 24 °C

We arrived off the sailboat and make our way to our apartment. It is a wonderful view over the marina. Better than the view over Airlie beach considering the town is overrun with Schoolies. We can hear a group in the apartments behind us. The worst seems to be the ones on the Gold Coast which is filling the news with their less than safe antics. They are 17 and 18 and running wild.


The pool at the apartment overlooks the marina and the water is wonderful as the humidity is high right now. It does finally rain, but we had our swim and it stops when it is time to head in for groceries. The little supermarket is outrageous so we only get as little as possible. The next day we walk down the Centennial walk north and find the Coles to stock up for the next few days.

It is a nice walk past some very nice apartments and then some expensive houses that climb the hill. The state high school is here and kids on the Islands must ferry to the mainland then bus to school. From Hamilton Island they are on the ferry about seven and get back around five.

We have a tour to go up the Proserpine the next day to see crocs, but they cancel due to low numbers. Booooooo. We scramble around and finally decide to use the ferry system to explore Daydream Island and Hamilton Island. We get picked up at the apartment which surprised me considering we are at the top of a steep hill and are dropped at the office, where we pick up our ticket and get banded. Glenn the guide for the three island guided tour chats with us and says we can tag along on that tour if we want. Kind of a nice deal since people in that tour paid a lot more. They will add

We get on the ferry and two people drop into the seats in front of us. They are Carol and John. Carol was our dental hygienist for years. How much of a coincidence is that? They are on the three island tour.

We follow them around on Daydream Island learning the lay of the resort and the history. Glenn is very funny and we enjoy this, but have already decided that when they catch the ferry we will stay on for a swim in the pools, a walk through the rainforest, a geocache and a walk back along the beach track. Before that we enjoy the feeding of the Manta Rays, sharks and various fish in their natural lagoon.

The rays are excited and gather long before feeding time maneuvering for the best position. The staff feed them by slipping bits of fish under the front of the rays by hand. Apparently they have no teeth, but they can give a good squeeze if they catch your fingers. They put a half a fish on a pole to feed the sharks. The sharks snatch the fish and throw their heads back and forth to tear the fish apart. The big one is hungry today....good news for us as they don't eat every day.

Daydream is an Island that is one big resort. There are numerous pools in both ends of the island, an outdoor cinema, a mini golf, and all sorts of water sports. You are warned about the stingers here, but lots don't wear stinger suits. They have only just been sighted up in Cairns, but I would hate to be the first to find one. Irukandji jellyfish are tiny and extremely venomous jellyfish that inhabit marine waters of Australia and which are able to fire their stingers into their victim, causing symptoms collectively known as Irukandji syndrome.

Hamilton island is much larger. The ferry swings by the little airport first then into the marina. We grab our lunch that is included in the deal. The food is decent, but the cockatoos, sulfur crested cockatoos, are entertaining. They are pests watching for people to leave their food unguarded to swoop in and start feasting.

We take the free shuttle around the island to get the lay of the land. There are areas that are for employee housing, the resort area and the locals homes. Every one gets around using golf carts, but they just call them buggies. We make our way around and stop at the look out. What a beautiful place. We can see pretty much 360 degrees. We end up chatting with a couple of young girls from Brisbane who have just finished uni. We join the bus again and make our way to the main resort pool and enjoy a swim. The pool is huge....really huge….


The ride back to Abel Marina is on a fast direct ferry and the bus drops us home. Time to swim, eat, pack and get ready for the bus in the morning.

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